Precision Orthodontic Lab
"Helping Dentists and Orthodontists Meet Their Patients' Goals"
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With nearly 30 years experience in Orthodontics and lab work Precision Orthodontic Lab is ready to serve all your orthodontic lab needs.  It is our guarantee that every order will be constructed with state of the art precision and accuracy.

Our job is to create confidence and trust by respecting your decisions.  We realize you might be apprehensive about introducing our services into your practice.  Therefore, we make it a point to carefully explain our services and experience and to answer any and all questions you may have.

Modern dentistry is a rapidly advancing field with many advanced techniques and products.  Our dedication to staying at the forefront of our field and our attention to detail will allow you to be comfortable with our abilities and to eliminate fear and uncertainty.

We Offer FREE Shipping both ways on all appliances.  Simply click on the return mail label at the top to print out the shipping label!

If you have any questions about any thing please feel free to call us!

Karen A. Boudreau - President/Owner
Phone: 719-251-1363

Other Contact Information:
Phone:   719-565-9484
Fax:       719-948-5428